CMA 2015 Conference: Introduction to Web Development

2015, Mar 10    

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On March 12th, I spoke at the College Media Association’s 2015 Conference in New York City. A couple years ago I spoke in New Orleans on the topics of Sponsored Content and Gamification in News, but this year as my role is now more technical, so was my topic. I gave a presentation on how websites work for non-techies.

Here’s a screencaptured version of the talk in case you couldn’t make it:


Just about every profession has been effected by the internet, but very few people actually understand how it works. My goal in this presentation is to give non-technical people an overview that goes deep enough to stay interesting, but not so advanced that you can’t keep up. We’ll walk through the request cycle of loading a website using the analogy of sending a letter, show an example of how this request cycle works for a website like, and finally peel back the layers and look at some of the code that makes a website work. If you want to learn more about the topics presented here or you’d like to follow up with me, here are all the links you’ll need.


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