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Since writing this post in 2012, the case for responsive (and now progressive) websites has gotten even stronger. The frameworks available make it easy to do, and the variety of

My views on happiness when I wrote this back in September, 2012 were admittedly simplistic. I've seen enough people now who pursued their passions and still aren't happy because they

I wrote this post back in September of 2012. I had just started my first full-time job at a startup in Chicago, and I was naively and desperately trying to

I've always been pretty good at dealing with stress, but as I get older and new things come up to stress me out, it's helpful to go back and remember

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Sweden to see some relatives over there. My aunt and uncle live in Borlange, a small countryside town about

Back in July, 2012 when I wrote this article, I was barely a PHP novice and just starting to try Ruby on Rails. It's fun to look back at how

Building complex software projects is almost always an iterative process. We rarely get to spend months designing and writing a complete project before releasing something to our users. This process

I was less sympathetic when I wrote this in 2012 than I am now, but I stand by the overall message here. Placing blame for your problems on external sources

Since I wrote this post back in May, 2012, many more online companies have been valued, but many are still avoiding public markets. Niche investors may feel confident in putting

Writing has been one of my favorite hobbies since high school, but I used to feel like an imposter when I did it. I went to school with a lot

In 2012 when I wrote this post I was getting jaded with Twitter. For about a year, I had spent a lot of time having conversations and meeting people there,

When I wrote this article in April of 2012, Instagram had just been bought by Facebook. The hype around consumer web was at its peak since the dot com crash

Reading back through this article to republish it helped me gain some perspective. Five years after I wrote this, I still wonder if I'm doing a good enough job keeping

I used to struggle with staying focused. Since I first wrote this article in March, 2012, I've come up with a number of systems and routines to help me, including

This post was originally published in March of 2012, and despite the overly inspirational tone, I've decided to republish it in its original form. I don't write like this much

Back in March of 2012 when I wrote this article, I had been reading Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" which definitely shows up in the tone

When I was managing college bloggers at Uloop, the most common question I got was about how I got my job there. I was not a typical journalist - having

Back in March, 2012 when I wrote and first published this post and was doing some informal social media consulting, buying Twitter and Facebook fans was a big trend. I'm

Ever since Google became a household name people have been worried about what they would start doing with our data. Back in 2012 when I wrote this, one solution that

This post was originally published in March of 2012, and since then the world of blogging, social media, and community building has changed quite a bit. That said, I stand