Media Kit - Karl Hughes


After a decade leading software engineering teams at venture-funded startups, Karl started down the path of entrepreneurship. He founded in 2020 and within two years, the company reached $2.5 million in annual revenue.

After removing himself from the day-to-day, Karl partnered with long-time friend, Manuel Weiss to purchase another digital service business, The Podcast Consultant (read more about the acquisition here). They’re currently focused on implementing an organic growth strategy and streamlining operations at the 24-person podcast production business.

In his free time, Karl likes to write about his journey buying and scaling digital service businesses, run races, and spend time with his family in downtown Chicago.

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Media Appearances

Karl has appeared as a guest on many business podcasts and YouTube channels, including:

He is currently available for guest appearances and interviews using the contact information below. Topics of conversation may include:

  • Scaling a service or agency business
  • Acquiring a small business
  • “Productizing” your service
  • Marketing and sales for high-cost services
  • Hiring and running a remote team
  • Content marketing and modern SEO
  • Balancing family and entrepreneurship
  • Creating a big vision for your small company

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