I started programming because I loved writing.

In college, I created a campus blog with around 30 of my peers. As a business, the venture was terrible, but it forced me to learn Wordpress and basic web development.

10 years later, I left my job as a startup CTO to become a full-time writer and business owner.

Check out some of my writing samples below, and if you’re looking for help with your blog, check out my company, Draft.dev.

The PHP and Docker Book

In 2017, I wrote a book called Building Your First PHP Application with Docker which has since been downloaded by over 1000 developers.

Comprehensive Guides

One format that I’ve seen work really well is the long, in-depth guide to a niche topic. I’ve written a few of these:


As an experienced software engineer, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge, so I’ve written many tutorials for sites as a volunteer and paid contributor:

Software Tool Comparisons

Stackshare invited me to write a couple comparisons between popular technology tools. This was a really fun and unique format, so I’d like to find a good place to contribute more of these:


I know listacles can be a little clickbaity, but they are fun to write, and can do well in search engine rankings.

Thought Leadership

I always enjoy writing about processes and patterns that I’m seeing in the world of software engineering. These kinds of posts have a therapeutic quality to me, and they are often among the most widely shared on social media.

What can I do for you?

I work with a team of subject matter experts at Draft.dev, so I’d love to help you get more high-quality, technical content for your blog.