Announcement: We're Hiring Engineers at Packback

Announcement: We're Hiring Engineers at Packback

2015 has been a really exciting year for us at Packback. We released a complete rebuild of our eCommerce platform at, we brought on our fourth full-time engineer, we started contributing to the open source community, we hired our first three full-time salespeople, we raised another $1.5 million, and now we’re even more excited to announce that we’re hiring again!

Packback is looking for engineering talent in Chicago

As we look at our needs for the immediate future and into 2016, it’s clear that in order to meet our product goals, we need to bring more engineering talent onto the team. Much of the drive behind this round of hiring is to bolster infrastructure and help with a new offering that we’re planning to launch early next year. Here are the details about our current round of engineering hires:

1. Contract front end developer

As we’ve continued to grow, our need for a dedicated employee to take product designs and translate them into HTML and styling has grown as well. This role would start off as a part time contract role and possibly develop into a full time position as our need increases. Read more about this position and find out how to apply here.

2. DevOps Architect

Scaling is a wonderful problem to have. Our developers have done a great job building software that can grow as Packback’s needs do, and now we’re ready to bring someone onto the team to help our servers grow too. Fortunately, we have a robust continuous integration process already in place, so you’re not coming in to inherit a terrible mess. Read about our continuous integration process at Packback. Read more about this position and find out how to apply here.

3. Back end engineer

Finally, we’re looking for a back end engineer (we work in PHP/Laravel) to join us and contribute to a brand new application that we’ll be launching in 2016. We have a great system in place for setting up microservices and building robust APIs, but we need someone who’s passionate about technology to help us get more improvements out faster. Check out a couple open source projects we’re working on: Packbot, Textbook Price Collector Read more about this position and find out how to apply here.

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