My 2017 Writing Goal

My 2017 Writing Goal

I’ve tried to write something every week for the past few years, but I’m not 100% consistent. It usually comes in waves where I spend a week or two cranking out several articles and then maybe a month without much output, but I’m going to up my consistency and hopefully volume in 2017.

My goal for 2017: Publish something every day.

Most days won’t be long, detailed posts, but I’m making it my mission to write and publish at least one piece of content every day. I’ve got a long backlog of blog post ideas, I’ve been writing news commentary on Medium, and I’m about to start editing and republishing old blog content as well.

I hope to do a few things during this year while focusing on shorter, daily writing. First, I’d like to build the habit of writing every day. I have found that if I do something every day - run, write code, read the news, publish a blog post - I’m more invested in it and I tend to get better at it as well.

Second, I’m hoping to push myself outside of my typical topic range. By writing and publishing something every day, I’ll need to come up with new ideas in order to keep myself from getting bored. I’d like to try doing some creative fiction and personal writing in addition to my usual tech op/ed style.

Finally, I would like to improve myself. I feel that writing is one of the most valuable skills a technical leader can possess, and you don’t have to be professionally trained for years to do it. I don’t consider myself an especially skilled writer, but I enjoy it, and I want to get better by doing it every day.

My 2017 publishing calendar

I’m going to record everything I publish in 2017 here. I will probably only update the list once per month or so, but I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll have a nice collection of varied writing in this list.


In January, I did a daily news journal on my Medium account. Each article is a summary of one big story I read or the compilation of trends that I’ve noticed.


This month, I edited and republishing one old article from my blog every day. I’ve been writing here for over five years, so many of the older pieces have gotten a bit stale or the formatting has degraded as I’ve switched blogging platforms. Most of the updates I’m making are minor edits, but a few articles got some significant additions.


In March I spent my daily writing time working on my open source book, CTO Patterns. The goal of the project is to define a set of patterns that startup and small company CTOs can use to help them be more successful.

During the course of the month I worked on the following chapters:

I also republished a couple posts here on my blog:


In April I republished more posts here on my personal blog. I really enjoyed spending a month revisiting and cleaning up old posts in February, and I’ve still got a big backlog of posts that need some TLC.


In May I am back to publishing my daily news commentary as I did in January:


In June, I’m starting a new blog: Shiphp. Shiphp is a collection of PHP tutorials starting with simple things like arrays and functions, and moving into more advanced topics like using Docker with PHP.


In July, I continued to work on my book, CTO Patterns.


In August, I worked on several new writing projects.


This month, I’m working on a blog post for Codeship, more content for the Side Project Checklist, and more blog posts for

October - December

Coming soon!

I’ll keep the lists above updated every month or so for my own accountability as well as for anyone who’s interested. Thanks for reading, and if you get inspired to write something every day, let me hear about it on Twitter.