15 Job Board API Clients Open Sourced

For the past year and a half I’ve been improving and expanding JobApis’ library of open source job board API clients, and as of today 15 have been released. In doing this, I’ve learned a ton about building well-documented open source projects, collaborating with other devs remotely, and I’ve forced myself to come up with ideas to use my own open source projects. The latest, JobsToMail just came out a few weeks ago and has already attracted more interest on Github than any of my other open source projects…not that that’s saying much. More than anything though, this has been a really great learning process for me as a developer and architect. I’ve gotten to experiment with new things that wouldn’t have been practical to explore at work, and it’s made me more confident in putting my code out in the public than before. Read more about the open job board API project at JobApis.com.