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I first published this post in February, 2015 when I was just getting back into running after about five years of completely slacking off. Since then I've been pretty consistent

When I wrote this back in December, 2012 I had a lot less money than I do now. I lived on the floor of a 300 square foot apartment, and

This post was first published in December, 2012, and is being republished as part of my 2017 writing goal. ÔÇťAmateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just

This is another post I'm republishing as part of my 2017 daily writing project. Like many of the others originally published in 2012, I was focused on inspiring people to

My views on happiness when I wrote this back in September, 2012 were admittedly simplistic. I've seen enough people now who pursued their passions and still aren't happy because they

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Sweden to see some relatives over there. My aunt and uncle live in Borlange, a small countryside town about

Back in July, 2012 when I wrote this article, I was barely a PHP novice and just starting to try Ruby on Rails. It's fun to look back at how

I was less sympathetic when I wrote this in 2012 than I am now, but I stand by the overall message here. Placing blame for your problems on external sources

Reading back through this article to republish it helped me gain some perspective. Five years after I wrote this, I still wonder if I'm doing a good enough job keeping

This post was originally published in March of 2012, and despite the overly inspirational tone, I've decided to republish it in its original form. I don't write like this much