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As part of my 2017 writing goal, I decided to spend this month writing a series of short "How-Tos" for people trying to learn PHP or up their skills. Since

A few weeks ago I wrote a post for Codeship outlining our method for building a PHP command line application with Docker. Today, the second part of this series was

At The Graide Network, we needed to automate a bunch of reminder emails and text messages being sent to our users. Every hour, we wanted to go into the database

Building complex software projects is almost always an iterative process. We rarely get to spend months designing and writing a complete project before releasing something to our users. This process

If you've looked for a job in the past few years, you probably know how much time trolling job boards can take out of your life. In fact, I'd argue

Since I published this post in 2015, we've done a lot of work on this job board API standardization project and rebranded it. Check out the latest at JobApis.com A

A few months ago I was looking into an easy way to set up recurring payments without building all the infrastructure on top of a payment processor like Stripe, Braintree,

Since publishing this, I've actually built a pretty large collection of open source job board clients. They're now all part of a Github organization called JobApis. Much of this post

December 10, 2014

A while back I used the Government Jobs API for a sample project at a class I was teaching at Startup Institute. That was in Ruby, and they already included