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Like many developers, I've been building side projects in my spare time for years. One of the most fun things about being a software developer is having the ability to

Back in 2013 I needed a list of all the colleges in the US. The best I could find was this. The list seemed complete (there are about 9000 colleges

If you've looked for a job in the past few years, you probably know how much time trolling job boards can take out of your life. In fact, I'd argue

If you're a developer and you want to create a job board aggregator or supplement your own site's job listings with listings from other providers, here's a dead simple way

Like a lot of startups, we rely heavily on open source software at Packback, and while it's fun to be able to spin up a project quickly with Laravel or

Since I published this post in 2015, we've done a lot of work on this job board API standardization project and rebranded it. Check out the latest at JobApis.com A

A few months ago I was looking into an easy way to set up recurring payments without building all the infrastructure on top of a payment processor like Stripe, Braintree,

For the past year and a half I've been improving and expanding JobApis' library of open source job board API clients, and as of today 15 have been released. In

Open source software is becoming the norm, and not just for small companies, indie developers and startups. 78% of companies are using open source software, and with PHP being the