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I spent about half my time in January hiring our second software engineer at The Graide Network. Hiring developers is tough, especially at a startup where we don't have the

A year and a half ago when I joined The Graide Network, I left a role managing and hiring an engineering team to be the first developer at a new

Hiring software engineers hasn't gotten any easier or cheaper since I posted this in June, 2015. I've always been interested in the recruiting space, and I continue developing open source

When I first published this post in June, 2014, I was just starting to manage a couple engineers. Interestingly, I've only seen this idea get more true as I've hired

December 10, 2015

Note: I've since left Packback and updated my hiring process. You can learn more about Packback's current hiring process for engineers on Github. When I took over as Packback's Head

September 16, 2015

2015 has been a really exciting year for us at Packback. We released a complete rebuild of our eCommerce platform at Packbackbooks.com, we brought on our fourth full-time engineer, we

The truth is that every company, hiring manager, and human resources representative you meet during your job search is different, so there’s no magic list of traits an entry-level candidate

It’s hard for an engineer to ignore the allure of working for a small, agile startup—especially if you’ve spent some time in the corporate world. Startups often provide an opportunity