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This is the fundamental disconnect between our hopes for teaching Computer Science and the reality of our education system: we can’t hire and retain good technology teachers until we compensate

There’s not going to be a bailout for the next financial crisis because the federal government already owns the bad debt. 40% of federal student loans are given to parents

Since publishing this post in October, 2014 I've taught or guest lectured at several of Chicago's developer training programs including Dev Bootcamp, General Assembly, Fullstack Academy, and (now defunct) Startup

Writing has been one of my favorite hobbies since high school, but I used to feel like an imposter when I did it. I went to school with a lot

If you've made a resolution this year to learn a new skill, why not start with one of the most in-demand career wise? You may assume that to understand something

College costs continue to rise and the income disparity between college and non-college educated people is at an all-time high.