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Last month I finished my first book - a step-by-step guide for PHP developers who want to learn Docker called "Building PHP Applications in Docker". It's about 10,000 words (40

I first published this post in May, 2015, but Clean Code is timeless. If you're new to programming, read it because it's a great primer. If you're experienced in programming,

Two years ago I read Peopleware for the first time and wrote this blog post. That book was the most inspiring engineering leadership material I had read, and it's still

I started trying to read more a couple years ago, and this year I've been knocking out some of the most popular engineering management books out there. Since a lot

Recently, I was asked about writing an e-book, "You haven't published an e-book yet? Why not?" Honestly, 90% of low-cost e-books I have read suck. I'm not talking about books