Yahoo! is Officially an Uncool Company...Oh Wait, That's News?

This week, Yahoo! launched their first revamped home page in four yearsAnd nobody gave a shit.

Let’s be honest, the internet giant is now just a boring, stuffy, old curmudgeon in the world of the web, and they proved it doubly with their latest memo to employees today that forbade them from telecommuting.

None of this should really be news if you’ve paid any attention to them over the past…oh five years or so. Even their desperate attempt to bring in Google’s Marissa Meyer as CEO in order to attract some press hasn’t exactly turned out to be magical.

The point here is that you can paint a Kia any color you want, but if it’s still got a puttering little four-cylinder engine and the cheapest components that Korea can buy, it’s still a damned Kia. Maybe Yahoo!’s okay with being Kia? There’s nothing wrong with being the funny little guy in the corner who tries to reinvent himself every three to five years, but it’s nothing like being a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even Honda.

So, what is your business going to be? Do you want to be a cheap copy-cat of the big guys, or do you want to build a valuable brand? Do you want to get giggled at by the experts or lead the charge in innovation?

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