The Journey Begins - Homeless for a Summer

The Journey Begins - Homeless for a Summer

As many of you who follow me on Google+ know, this summer, I sold almost all of my possessions and I’m going to be homeless.

Before you jump to conclusions and think that I must be insane, let me explain.

I currently have a remote job with a startup called Uloop. My job consists of managing and recruiting writers and editors at colleges around the country, but it’s the kind of thing that I can do from anywhere. All of my meetings are phone calls, and I can handle about 90% of other communication via email. It’s a pretty unique situation, but it inevitably got me thinking, “where do I want to live?”

I’ve lived in Tennessee pretty much my whole life (save for a brief stint in Kentucky), so I figured that it’s time to explore some other options. I’m not a very sentimental person, so while it will be somewhat sad to leave behind friends and family, it’s not a paralyzing idea for me to be alone in a new place. Plus, now is the only time in my life when a wild foray around the country makes any sense at all. I’m 23, unmarried, just graduated from college, and have the perfect job for traveling. I’m very fortunate to be in such a unique situation.

My lease is finally ending on May 30th, and my apartment is mostly bare. My few clothes are sitting in a duffle bag, and my other major possessions (a guitar and laptop) are packed and ready to go. Where will I go first?

First Stop: Folly Beach South Carolina

I’ll have much more on my journey as it plays out. I’ll still be passing through Knoxville frequently to sleep on a friend’s couch here and there, but by August, I am planning on being on the West Coast for the remainder of the summer. If you’ve ever got an open couch, I’m happy to cook in exchange for a place to lay my head at night. Thanks for all the kind wishes, and have a great summer everyone!