The Comprehensive Guide to Speaking at Tech Conferences

The Comprehensive Guide to Speaking at Tech Conferences

2020, Jan 01    

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In 2017, I started speaking at technology conferences. I’ve always enjoyed public speaking, and it’s been a really productive way to learn new skills, travel more, and meet wonderful people of a variety of backgrounds. I highly recommend it!

After speaking for a while, I started a newsletter and blog at CFP Land to help other conference speakers find opportunities to give their talks. Over the past year of managing the site, I’ve interviewed over 30 tech conference speakers to hear their tips, advice, and stories.

Combining these interviews with some of the best resources on the web, I ended up writing a 17,000+ word guide to speaking at technology conferences. The whole thing is available in 8 parts on CFP Land, and will continue to evolve as I interview more speakers and refine my skills as a speaker.

What else could I add to this guide for public speakers? Find me on Twitter to let me know your suggestions.