Are E-Books Being Over Published?

Are E-Books Being Over Published?

Recently, I was asked about writing an e-book, ”You haven’t published an e-book yet? Why not?”

Honestly, 90% of low-cost e-books I have read suck.  I’m not talking about books that are also backed by a publisher and published as an e-book and a regular book. I’m talking about the thousands of crappy bloggers out there who think that compiling their top posts into digital book form means they can charge $4.99.

Let me repeat: compiling your blog posts does not give you the right to charge people money. That’s just deceiving your customers. Now, there are legitimate writers with great advice and experience who don’t want to bother getting published by a company, so they publish independently in e-book form. Unfortunately these writers are rare.

Most of the e-book writers out there seem to be attempting to make a quick buck, and that just devalues the medium.

Back to why I won’t publish one anytime soon

I love to write, but I also believe that books should be meaningful.  Now, it’s not that I don’t have anything meaningful to say - if I didn’t, I wouldn’t write at all.  But, I feel like a book should be a serious undertaking.  It should require my full attention.  It should add meaningful value to my readers’ lives. It’s that simple.

Let’s Stop Over Publishing Junk

To all my fellow bloggers and writers: please take books seriously.  Especially if you charge money for your work. I’ll appreciate it greatly.

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