Customer Service: My Comcast Experience

Last week, I had to end service at my current address to prepare for my mobile journey across the country. I called Comcast, and had a terrible experience. Naturally, I complained about it on Facebook and Google+, to which many people expressed their agreement in my frustration.

The story didn’t end there though. One of Comcast’s employees saw my post on Google+, and asked me to email him with my issue. I decided that since I was leaving their service anyway, I would tell them about all of the grievences I’ve had with their company over the years. I have included both the email I sent, and the email that Comcast sent back to me below.

Edit: I no longer have the screenshots of this conversation.

I was actually impressed to get a reply back at all, and honestly, they did a good job at handling the situation.  I hope they actually did go back through my calls and record them for training, but I guess we’ll see.  Most importantly, they responded to negative feedback, and didn’t try to bury it. For that, I will give Comcast credit. What do you think?  Have you had a badly handled customer service experience with Comcast or another company?