20 Reasons I Love Distance Running

20 Reasons I Love Distance Running

My race season is finished for the year. I’m not one of those sissies who won’t run outside in the winter - I love a good snow run - but I’ve done three half marathons this year, had a couple minor foot injuries (okay, one was major), and lost about 20 pounds. I’m due for a little recovery time.

Finishing my first full year back as a runner got me thinking about why I love running as a hobby and a sport. I’m not going to win races anytime soon, but I still love it, and here are the reasons why:

1. It’s physically challenging.

2. It builds your self confidence.

3. It relieves stress.

4. It helps you keep your problems in perspective.

5. It gives you energy.

6. It’s mentally challenging.

7. People respect that you do it.

8. You instantly join an unofficial club of runners worldwide.

9. It’s low-cost exercise.

10. It makes you want to eat better.

11. It makes you sleep better.

12. It helps you keep away sickness.

13. It’s a great way to see new places when you travel.

14. It’s a great way to see new parts of your home town.

15. You can see and track your progress easily.

16. It makes you feel less bad about eating tons of food every now and then.

17. It teaches you to deal with setbacks.

18. It teaches you to learn the difference between soreness, pain, and injuries.

19. There’s never an “end” to running.

20. It’s fun.

Happy running, friends!

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