Signs That an Engineering Job Might be a Trap

Signs That an Engineering Job Might be a Trap

2015, Feb 16    

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When you’re gainfully employed, it’s easier to be a clear judge of a bad job than when you’re desperate for your next paycheck. Fortunately for those of us in technical fields, there are usually a lot of jobs going around; it’s really a matter of finding one that doesn’t suck. I put together my thoughts for a piece on the Muse this week. Here are the six red flags I watch for in engineering jobs:

  1. Lack of Technical Understanding Throughout the Organization
  2. History of High Turnover
  3. On-Call Expectation
  4. Unrealistic Timelines
  5. Lack of Opportunities for Growth
  6. A Sense of Crisis

Check out the link to the whole article below.