A PHP Client for the Government Jobs API

2014, Dec 10    

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A while back I used the Government Jobs API for a sample project at a class I was teaching at Startup Institute. That was in Ruby, and they already included a link to their own Ruby library for the API, so I figured I would make one in PHP - my language of choice for most things.

I haven’t made my own API client for anything open source, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of it for our internal APIs at Packback, so this was a really quick little exercise. I used Guzzle to handle the HTTP requests, and composer to pull the whole thing together. I still have to write tests, and I haven’t included all the available methods for their API yet, but that’s the beauty of open sourcing things.

2017 Update

Since publishing this, I’ve actually built a pretty large collection of open source job board clients. They’re now all part of a Github organization called JobApis, and you can find the Government Jobs Client on Github as well.