How Riding Divvy Saved Me $622 Last Year

It’s no secret, but I love Divvy (I’m one of the few who rides them in the winter), and here’s why:

  • It enables me to own one less thing (a bike)
  • In a place like Chicago that has mild summers, it’s perfect for warm-weather commuting
  • Biking is a great form of cross training for runners
  • And last but not least, it saved me $622.50 last year

In my first year of being a Divvy member, I logged 310 trips. At a cost of just $75/year, that’s less than a quarter per ride. Most of those trips replaced at least one jaunt on the CTA at $2.25 per ride, so that gave me my number of $622.50.

The rise of sharing economics

In the past few years we’ve seen a huge rise in “sharing” services - things like Uber and Divvy - that take advantage of the connectedness average people in the same city now enjoy. In the past, I think people would have assumed that low-cost shared bikes in a big city like Chicago would get completely trashed and destroyed by riders looking to take advantage of the system. While I’ve had a handful of experiences where a Divvy bike had a flat tire or bad breaks, those have been surprisingly rare. The truth is that most people aren’t bad sharers, and as pushback on consumerism rises in future generations, I would bet that more shared systems will start to appear.

If you’re placing bets on the next “big thing” in technology, sharing systems are definitely one I’d keep an eye on. Got questions about commuting via a shared bike program? Hit me up on Twitter anytime.