3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing

3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing

2017, May 01    

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I wrote this post in 2012 for PostDesk. You can read the entire article on their archive.

Imagine that you are preparing a dinner party, and you break one of your Great Aunt Sally’s 120 year old ceramic cups. You’ve got a set of 7, and 8 guests coming to dinner. “No worries,” you think, “I’ll just scan one of the others and print a new one before they arrive!”

It may sound like science fiction, but it’s probably not as far off as you think. 3D printing is finally moving away from specialized prototyping and reaching the consumer market. I spoke with two leading minds in the industry about the potential they see in 3D printing, and the way that it will change the way goods are produced forever.