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My College Media Presentations: NOLA 2013

I was invited to speak at the College Media Association’s 2013 conference in New Orleans, so I wanted to publicly post my presentations for anyone who is interested. Feel free to let me know if you have questions, comments, feedback, or whatever. Sponsored Content in College Media Gamification of the College Newsroom

Social Media 101: Be Human

I’ve been active on social networks for almost my whole life. It’s weird to say that, because people just a few years older than myself couldn’t claim this about themselves. My generation is the first to grow up with it, and the first to form their thoughts about customers, sales, and marketing with social media […]

The Growth of a Disruptive Geek: My Story

I am often asked by friends and family members who see my controversial posts, “Why (or How) do you get so many people to comment on your stuff?” Now, I’ll admit, not every one of my posts stirs the pot, but I usually know which ones will when I post them. This won’t be a […]

The Power of Responsiveness – Web Design for Multiple Platforms

As more and more content consumers use “non-traditional” devices to access the internet, content providers are offering a variety of solutions. While large organizations with lots of content may choose to develop a mobile app in house, that takes a lot of work. Think about it, not only do you have to make a version for […]

Writing – You Don’t Need a Degree for it

I’m always struck by the fact that people believe you need some kind of college degree to be a writer.  Writing is a basic form of modern communication, and it doesn’t take years of training to produce a decent piece of work.  In fact, I think everyone, no matter their profession, should take some time […]

Breaking Into the Online Publishing Industry

In a recent article posted on, I was asked about tips that I have for college students looking to break into the online publishing industry.  I’ll admit, I borrowed a little inspiration from my good friend and fellow blogger, Thomas Frank who was also featured on for his blog, College Info Geek. First, […]

Are E-Books Being Over Published?

Recently, I was asked about writing an e-book, “you haven’t published an e-book yet?  Why not?” Honestly, 90% of low-cost e-books I have read suck.  I’m not talking about books that are also backed by a publisher and published as an e-book and a regular book.  I’m talking about the thousands of crappy bloggers out there […]

Business Blogging Without the Lies

Let’s be honest for a minute here.  Blogging is not a lucrative business practice.  You may host a company blog, a personal blog, and give every employee a blog with absolutely no tangible results.  Partly that’s because most companies hear they need a blog so they set it up and ignore it, and partly it’s because […]

College Students: Your Blog Sucks

There, I said it.  Most college students absolutely suck at blogging.  Resharing crap on Tumblr shouldn’t even count as a blog, but more often than not, I see students referring to it as their work.  The second most common college blog mistake I see is keeping a personal journal online.  No employer is going to take […]