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Spring Race Season, 2015

Two weeks ago I traveled to Atlanta to do the Publix Georgia Half Marathon, and then this past week I did the Chitown Half Marathon along the lake here in Chicago. They were my first two races of the season, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since I’m a bit heavier now than […]

Peopleware: All Technology Problems are Really People Problems

One of my big goals this year is to read more (here’s my reading list and organization system), and while I’ve been mostly trying to stretch myself with fiction, I can’t help cracking the spine on a few business and personal development books as well. One of my favorites so far is Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams. While […]

Creating Standards for Job Search API Clients in PHP

I’ve been playing around with several job search API’s for the last year as a part of a personal research project. Basically I wanted to run a search query on several job board sites and receive a standard result. I decided to start by investigating 7 job board APIs. Here are links to the repositories I […]

CMA 2015 Conference: Introduction to Websites

On March 12th, I’ll be speaking at the College Media Association’s 2015 Conference in New York City. A couple years ago I spoke in New Orleans on the topics of Sponsored Content and Gamification in News, but this year as my role has become more technical, so has my topic. I’ll be giving a presentation on […]

Health as a Long Term Investment in Your Success

I recently finished Scott Adams’ (the creator of Dilbert) How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. One of the defining features of the book relative to other self-help books is Adams’ emphasis on a health-first approach to success. Basically, his point is that if you first focus on diet, you’ll start feeling better and […]

Signs That an Engineering Job Might be a Trap

When you’re gainfully employed, it’s easier to be a clear judge of a bad job than when you’re desperate for your next paycheck. Fortunately for those of us in technical fields, there are usually a lot of jobs going around; it’s really a matter of finding one that doesn’t suck. I put together my thoughts […]

My Tips on Having Fun in Your Career

Back in December Ryan Rhoten got in touch with me about being a guest on his podcast. Ryan’s show features business professionals who offer advice, tell stories, and answer Ryan’s questions. It’s a very well done show, so it was an honor to be included. On the show, Ryan and I talked about Packback, hiring – […]

An Update on Engineering at Packback

As I enter my second full year of working with Packback, I can say that it’s already been an exciting and challenging experience. When I came in on my first day, there were five offshore developers dragging files onto two servers with absolutely no discernable workflow, coding standards, or version control system. The first few […]

Trello as a Reading List

I hated reading in high school and “never had time,” in college. I kind of regret that, but I guess there’s a time in your life when you want to spend all your free time socializing and a time in your life when you want a little peace and quiet with a good book. Anyway, […]

Start Learning Code in 2015

If you’ve made a resolution this year to learn a new skill, why not start with one of the most in-demand career wise? You may assume that to understand something as complex as web development, you need to go back to school or enroll in expensive classes. Think again. Believe it or not, many web developers […]