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The Growth of a Disruptive Geek: My Story

I am often asked by friends and family members who see my controversial posts, “Why (or How) do you get so many people to comment on your stuff?” Now, I’ll admit, not every one of my posts stirs the pot, but I usually know which ones will when I post them. This won’t be a […]

Marketing isn’t about Content Creation, it’s about Platform Creation

When people talk about content marketing, they usually insinuate writing articles by the company on a blog somewhere out in the wide world of the web.  I’ve got news for you, blogging, link-building, and company-generated content are not the way of the future. The Best Brands Don’t Highlight Themselves; They Let Their Customers do the Talking […]

The Power of Responsiveness – Web Design for Multiple Platforms

As more and more content consumers use “non-traditional” devices to access the internet, content providers are offering a variety of solutions. While large organizations with lots of content may choose to develop a mobile app in house, that takes a lot of work. Think about it, not only do you have to make a version for […]