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Stress a Little, It’s Okay

Despite what some may tell you, a little bit of stress can actually be a good thing! Okay, before you shake your head and tell me I’m crazy, let’s look at the research: Stress keeps your brain sharper Stress causes an increase in creativity Ambition and stress keep you happy Stress is normal Stressed people […]

The Key to Success: Never Stop Learning

Tonight, I decided to finally get outside of my PHP-shaped bubble, and start learning a new programming language – Ruby.  My web development experience began back in December 2010 when I first got acquainted with WordPress, a PHP based content management system.  At that point, I was very familiar with HTML and CSS, and had […]

Are You Placing the Blame Internally or Externally?

I’ve started to realize that there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who place blame on themselves when they make mistakes Those who place blame on others when they make mistakes  Yes, it really is just that simple.  Sure, there are those rare few who cross over from one to the other […]

Determining the Value of Online Data

People often ask me how experts determine the value of web-based companies.  “They don’t make anything,” they tell me, “so how do you put a value on what they do?” Honestly, this is a great question.  It’s the reason that billionaire investor Warren Buffett doesn’t put his money into technology companies – it’s very hard to determine the […]