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Facebook Easing Friction for Pages to Promote Posts

I hopped onto Facebook today to update it with one of the latest articles from Uloop and was greeted with a new feature. Would You Like to Promote This Post…for a Fee? So in this case, Facebook will let me pay $10 to ensure that this post reaches approximately 3,300 people.  Our page generally reaches […]

The Journey Begins – Homeless for a Summer

As many of you who follow me on Google+ know, this summer, I sold almost all of my possessions and I’m going to be homeless.  Before you jump to conclusions and think that I must be insane, let me explain. I currently have a web-based job with a startup called Uloop.  My job consists of managing and recruiting […]

Writing – You Don’t Need a Degree for it

I’m always struck by the fact that people believe you need some kind of college degree to be a writer.  Writing is a basic form of modern communication, and it doesn’t take years of training to produce a decent piece of work.  In fact, I think everyone, no matter their profession, should take some time […]